Why do I hurt after an Auto or Work Accident?


Why do I hurt after an Auto or Work Accident?  

Immediately after an accident, there is an adrenaline rush effect. This effect interferes with your ability to feel pain or think you might have an injury.  Once the shock of the accident wears off you could start feeling pain, soreness, or stiffness in any area of the body that has gone through physical and chemical changes.  This can take up to one day to several weeks. Usually, this is caused by an acute inflammatory process that does not cause pain until there is sufficient swelling(edema), deep micro bruising and bleeding that causes edema irritating pain receptors. Many times this is deep around ligaments, tendons, discs, and fascia that are called soft tissues. The neuromusculoskeletal system make up 60% of your body. These soft tissues are full of pain receptors that are not first recognized by the adrenaline rush and shock that first occurred during the accident.  Don't delay and call us immediately!

Many patients feel relief to know that there is something wrong and it is not psychological. If there is nothing found on an exam, then there is also relief knowing that they are OK. This is why it is so important to be examined following an accident.

Many times patients have gone to the ER and been told that there is nothing wrong. What the ER meant is there appears to be no fractures or dislocations that need emergency care. Fractures will heal with little to no pain usually, however, the real pain comes from the soft tissues that have millions of nerve endings causing pain. We have treated 1000's of these type patients who can have permanent damage if not properly examined and treated.  

To dismiss this type of pain of the soft tissues will lead to scar tissue that does not behave normally within ordinary muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Arthritis will usually set in by the 1st decade. When examined, a limited range of motion can be seen in these patients immediately along with palpation of myofascial trigger points caused by the injury. We at Injury Care Chiropractic will find those areas that have been damaged as the result of an accident. We will correlate this with a neurological and orthopedic exam and x-rays if needed. If extensive damage is done then an MRI or CAT scan can be ordered. Expert Chiropractic care gives you the best chance of returning to pre-injury status.

Do not dismiss bodily pain, soreness, dizziness, tingling, headaches, or stiffness thinking "maybe it will go away".  It may take much longer to correct the cause of your pain when patients have this mindset.  

If not properly treated and scar tissue reduced with range of motion re-established, then future pain and even permanent impairment can be expected.  

Dysfunction(accident) = Inflammation followed by pain and then fibrosis.(scar tissue formation)  Scar tissue doe not behave like normal tissues and thus restricts bodily movements of the spine and joints. Later arthritis and degeneration sets in due to decreased range of motion. Thus, there can be a chance to increase pain, disability, and dependence on others to assist with movement. 

This is why expert Chiropractic care is so important to prevent and heal areas torn and injured. 


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